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35 years of experience in commercial real estate has fueled our team with the knowledge and expertise to provide a broad range of property management services to a variety of real estate properties. From apartment complexes, mobile home parks, office buildings and retail centers to bowling alleys, campgrounds and storage facilities, at M Shapiro Real Estate Group, we manage every property in the same way; as a professional, dedicated owner that you can trust. 

Real Estate Services



An in-depth analysis of a troubled asset is essential in negotiating the best deal with the borrower and it directly impacts the decision to take over a title. A traditional property appraisal is easy to order, cost very little and regulators are accustomed to reading them. They can, however, cost you greatly in the long run. Learn More



Our team is ready to assist you in with a full tax analysis of your property. Once complete we negotiate with tax authorities to make sure your tax burden is correct and fair, often reducing the amount of tax you are currently paying. Learn More



Many lenders are dealing with properties at various stages of construction. M. Shapiro is staffed and ready to assist in the completion of any residential, office, commercial, or industrial project. Learn More



There are several ways to sell an asset, however determining which method will provide you with the highest return requires a solid knowledge of the real estate industry and its current climate. M. Shapiro can recommend various alternatives for disposition of your assets so that you may negotiate your best deal and feel confident in your decisions. Learn More



No one brings the experience and insight that M. Shapiro offers as a receiver for properties, whether through court appointment or as a result of an agreement with a defaulted borrower. Learn More

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