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At M. Shapiro Real Estate Group, we specialize in the development and management of properties in all market types. With a strong presence in 33 states and Canada, we offer a comprehensive suite of active management services for a diverse portfolio of properties, including multi-family residential, manufactured housing, retail, industrial, office, and more. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service, strategic planning, and cutting-edge technology ensures that your real estate investments are in good hands. Trust M. Shapiro Real Estate Group to elevate your portfolio to the next level.




About Our Founder, Mickey Shapiro

The driving force behind M. Shapiro Real Estate Group is a prominent figure in the real estate industry. With a profound dedication to his craft and a passion for making a difference, he has established a legacy that goes beyond property development.


Real Estate

Highly respected developer from Michigan who holds ownership interests in real estate projects throughout the United States. His accomplishments in the real estate industry only scratch the surface of his remarkable life.

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A Commitment to Philanthropy

Mickey Shapiro's unwavering dedication to philanthropy has made a remarkable impact on the world. His appointment to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council by President Bush in 2002 was a pivotal moment that ignited his lifelong passion for preserving history and advancing education through his contributions to esteemed institutions such as the USC Shoah Foundation and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Building a Legacy

His contributions extend beyond the realms of real estate and philanthropy. He has played a pivotal role in establishing crucial medical facilities like the Sara and Asa Shapiro Heart and Vascular Intensive Care Unit at Beaumont Hospital. In addition, he has also made significant contributions to the educational sector through initiatives like the Mickey Shapiro Opportunity Scholarship Endowment at Ferris State University. These efforts serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was honored as one of the 2023 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipients.

At M. Shapiro Real Estate Group, we don't just build structures; we build communities, preserve history, and make the world a better place. Mickey Shapiro's leadership and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our company.  Join us in shaping a brighter future as we continue to build, invest, and make a difference in the world.



As Senior Vice President, Mark Kassab shepherds the strategic planning and growth of M. Shapiro Management Company.  For more than two decades Mr. Kassab has spearheaded the creation and growth of M. Shapiro’s management business – now the nation’s largest third-party manufactured housing manager.  Additionally, Mr. Kassab has led the development of more than 1,000 luxury apartments as well as various other residential and commercial projects.  In his free time, Mark is an avid fisherman.

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For nearly 20 years, Sam Madorsky has worked at every level of the residential real estate industry.  Starting as an in-community salesman, Mr. Madorsky sold more than 100 homes in 12 months.  After transitioning to the corporate office, Mr. Madorsky was integral, alongside Mark Kassab, in the growth of M. Shapiro’s third party business.  Today, Sam serves as Vice President overseeing the intricacies of day-to-day operations of the various asset classes serviced. A proud graduate of Michigan State University, Sam enjoys rooting for his alma mater, the Detroit Lions and teaching his son and daughter the minutiae of professional wrestling.



With over 21 years in multi-family housing, Rubin is the adept Director of Operations at M. Shapiro, leading a proficient team overseeing our nationwide portfolio. His diverse background encompasses leadership roles across various property types, from new developments to vintage assets, reflecting his dedication to the field. Rubin's tech-forward vision complements his role on the executive team, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely, high-standard asset delivery. Drawing from previous experience with a national REIT and a Michigan investment group, he's driven portfolio growth and optimization. Rubin's overarching objective is to align leasing with financial commitments, ensuring optimal ROI for owners and investors. A licensed Michigan real estate agent, Rubin also cherishes family time and sports outside of work.

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A distinguished Marketing Director with nearly two decades of marketing, training, and leadership experience. She has become a prominent figure in the multifamily housing industry due to her exceptional ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. Debbie is recognized as an award-winning Marketing Director who excels at creating individualized programs that increase lead generation, occupancy, and resident loyalty.



Jet is tasked with proactively shaping the future by offering strategic direction and leading pivotal initiatives spanning the entire organization. His objective is to instill a heightened sense of purpose and responsibility within the organization, dismantle barriers impeding our teams, and ultimately ignite the powerful flywheel effect. Jet utilizes his extensive private equity expertise and diverse cross-functional background spanning various industries as a foundation for propelling growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering comprehensive success.

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Jason has over 20 years’ experience in Finance and Accounting that spans multiple industries.  He has a history of leading accounting teams through times of rapid growth while still providing excellent customer service.   Jason has track record of creating processes and controls that provide accurate, timely and transparent financial information to clients that allow them to make long term decisions.   His involvement with mergers and acquisitions has helped him build a skill set that allows him excel in high pressure situations that involve strategic decision making.  Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Central Michigan University and his MBA from The University of Michigan in Flint.



Austin joined our ranks straight from graduating the University of Michigan.  Now with more than a decade of experience, Austin serves as the Director, Client Success, a department he describes as “whatever needs to get done gets done.”  In addition to working with clients on big picture implementation, Austin and his team work with our strategic vendor partners to ensure client needs are exceeded. Through his career, Austin has worked in-depth on multiple asset classes including manufactured housing, apartments, retail, office, HUD, and more.  He is a licensed real estate sales person in the state of Michigan. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son along with golf and hockey.

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Kim emerges as a dynamic leader with a commitment to excellence developed over 17 years of operations and sales experience for companies of various sizes and strengths.  She excels at building successful systems and transforming areas of businesses into a well-oiled machine. Kim brings a passion for building a vibrant company culture while nurturing team growth. She holds a Bachelor’s degree and is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. Her commitment to driving mutual success for clients and team members defines her journey.



Jim Latcha helms the Facilities and Maintenance division at M. Shapiro.  Jim’s oversight includes waste water treatment plants, manufactured home installation, commercial suite build outs, and everything in between.  Prior to joining M. Shapiro, Jim oversaw a portfolio of commercial buildings totaling nearly 1,000,000 SF.  Jim is happiest when sitting in a deer stand somewhere across the United States.

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