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Property Tax Appeals

Watching and appealing assessments on every property you have an interest in is an important task. Once taxes are levied, there is essentially no way to reverse them. No discounts available, no practical way to avoid delinquent taxes and the associated interest, penalties, and fees. Many lenders, dealing with large volume of troubled assets, simply don’t have the time and staff to keep on top of this issue.

Tax authorities don’t want to establish a precedent of offering to reduce delinquent taxes; they wait until someone asks for it. Plus, taxing authorities have no incentive to reduce future assessments. A college, school district, or metropolitan authority, for example, has no interest in forgoing important tax dollars because the local municipality thinks it’s a good idea. Reasons like these make it crucial to monitor the assessed and taxable values for every property, and address any tax issues when they are still solvable. It’s also critical to get the property’s value correct on the appraisal before you proceed with any tax appeal.

With on-staff accountants, attorneys, brokers, and real estate professionals, M. Shapiro is ready to assist you with complete property tax analysis and the entire appeal process. This includes filing initial objections and negotiating assessment reductions with municipal assessors, and assisting you with any necessary appeal litigation.

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