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Experts in the Management of Manufactured Home Communities

M. Shapiro Real Estate manages 18,000 mobile home pads in 33 states and has over 35 years of experience. Over that time we have become experts in what it takes to convert a distressed community into a thriving neighborhood that residents and ownership can take pride in.

We handle all aspects of filling a vacant lot from identifying a home to refurbish, preparing the lot, marketing, sales, closing and transferring title.

Services included

• Property evaluation
• Road repairs
• Retraining or hiring of staff including managers, office and maintenance staff

• Demolition or renovation of abandoned homes

• Lot preparation

• Ordering of new homes
• Marketing of community including a property website, brochures, site maps, banners and more.
• New and used home sales

• Closing and title transfer

We provide all our clients with the same top-notch service and experience and have what it takes to turn your community into a valuable asset. 

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